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  • Worried About the forthcoming Personal Injury Referral Fee Ban?

    Simply Lawyers operates a LASPO compliant model which will guarantee the security of your practice post April 2013 when the Jackson Reforms finally take a grip of the Legal Industry banning Personal Injury Referral fees.  With many years experience in Legal Marketing our experts are already generating good quality enquiries in all disciplines including Personal Injury.

    Simply Lawyers are different, we are a Marketing Collective operated and promoted by ILUK Marketing Ltd.  No part of our Marketing Fee represents a referral fee and are not linked to individual case referrals.  If you are a multi discipline firm and operate in more than 2 areas of Law you are eligible to join as Member of the Marketing Collective and benefit from LASPO Compliance.

    As a Marketing Collective Simply Lawyers provide you with reliable and scalable marketing for your practice allowing the same to remain profitable after the Personal Injury Fee Referral Ban takes effect. For more information see the guide to LASPO compliant marketing which we have prepared.

    Take advantage of our 24 hour Call line and expertise in Legal Marketing NOW by calling 0800 012 5882 and ask for a Solicitor Proposal for more information.  Alternatively if you wish to discuss how we can help contact our Deborah Ranger on 0800 1123 356.

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